These changes may not be final, however.

Riot is already testing changes to its newest League of Legends champion, Yone, as well as Ashe on the Public Beta Environment (PBE).

The PBE, which is used for testing potential future changes, was updated earlier today following the conclusion of the patch 10.16 PBE cycle. There were few changes to Yone and Ashe, the latter of which is one of the most dominant AD carry champions in the meta.

On June 28, Riot Scruffy said Ashe’s Q Ranger’s focus attack speed is being reduced from 20-60 to 20-40 percent. Today, this change has been implemented on the PBE. Riot is clearly targeting Ashe’s main damage output which is contingent from her immense attack speed on her Q. Luckily, Ashe’s utility on her ultimate Enchanted Crystal Arrow and E Hawkshot are not being touched.

Yone, however, is set to receive relatively heavy nerfs. His base HP per level has been lowered from 95 to 85 and his W Spirit Cleave has taken a massive hit. His W’s total max health damage has been lowered from 12-16 percent to 11 to 15 percent while his base shield damage on hit has been reduced from 40-75 to 40-60. This targets his sustainability in lane but also the value Yone received from his W since it can damage multiple opponents at once and provide a shield.

These changes are tentative, however, and may not make it to live servers.  All 10.16 balance changes that Riot Scruffy noted two days ago will be available to test on the PBE soon, according to the post.

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