10 Thoughts Going Into Week 7 : Hey!! happy to see you there, This week we have shared more details about our VALORANT shooter, though Doublelift has sat out for “disease.” What if he is making way of being a first-person marksman?

Here are ten more reflections to go to Week 7!

Cloud9 (12-0)—This article says again that C9 is a positive thing.


Cloud9 ‘s tier-one mid turret is 0/1/0 for the season, which means that nobody’s got a mid-lane dive against C9. C9’s split was incredibly dominant. Team Liquid will have the final chance to face C9 in Game 18. TL’s Tactical had a fantastic debut — not dying a single time — and his KDA (14) is still less than half of Zven’s (34.3) and shorter than Vulcan’s (16.7) C9 is 12-0 after two more dominant wins in the L2 Championship Series against FlyQuest and Dignitas on Saturday and Sunday.

FlyQuest (8-4) — What does 2nd mean?


FlyQuest is in second place, one point ahead of C9 in the Championship series. They lost to C9 again on Sunday, leaving a record of 3-2 in the Spring Split. The team made a roster swap, which is a quick change, but it still seems like they’re capped. FlyQuest is a favourite to win the Spring Championship Series. The winner will move on to the MSI, which will take place in May. The other team is probably the 9th place team or even the 10th team. Short of some significant meta-shift, I think it must be frustrating to be second and yet so far away from Cloud9.

Immortals (6-6) — The worst good team? The best worst team?


FlyQuest sits 2nd in the LCS but is still definitely closer to the 9th place team than the 1st place team. Snapping the four-game losing streak is fantastic for their record, but it seems like other teams have frowned. In the Best-of-5, I ‘d take CLG over IMT right now, but I’m still not wholly sure that IMT isn’t the worst team in the league. IMT must continue to be punished early in the second half of the round-robin so that they will not be able to flex their imaginative endgame matches.

The final game of the week was a 6-6 draw against CLG, which FlyQuest won for the first time in six years. The game was the first for FlyQuest in the Spring Split, and the beginning of two games against the top-four team in the top-10 clash this week. The next two games will be against C9, followed by the winner of the match between CLG and KT Rolster on March 25 and 26.

Team Liquid (6-6) — Tactical is the MVP frontrunner


Doublelift spoke about his low motivation and how he’s trying to improve. In reality, without the most significant LCS player in history, Team Liquid is no better. Tactical was excellent for his debut, but if you tried to win Worlds, would you prefer him over Doublelift? “What you miss is the person’s in love. “If you’ve had bad relationships, you’ve heard that from exes (or have you said it yourself) before,” Hadele says, Hadele says. ‘You end up missing Brady if you’re bought too much in the Bled shoes?’ Here’s a big fear of Doublelift. ‘Hadele’ says Gahran for a long time. That’s the fear with Doublelift.

TSM (6-6) — tSm, TsM


The TSM rollercoaster will start with a two- or two-week race lasting six consecutive weeks. TSM played a lot of weird crap this split, including most recently Maokai mid and Ezreal / Senna in the bot lane. In reality, I thought both of these comps were interesting, and I was pretty excited to see them try. However, it is disappointing that both executions were scrambling too poorly, and that the CLG was bogging. It appears that the variety of comps makes it hard to learn. Their best strat in this split is Bjergsen, but he has been diverting many resources from him. It may also be just.

100 Thieves (5-7) — Ryoma making his mark


Did 100 Thieves load on the rift to compete against TL? This is impossible to say – I have asked the league to conduct an official investigation. Ryoma had a decent game, and maybe that will now be his spiritual salvation. It’s still a long way to the top 100, but perhaps the “method” is real if this game is a blueprint for them. The game wasn’t just a hard-carried game for Ssumday. It’s especially useful that it wasn’t just a fight that EG took.

Dignitas (5-7) — Bird’s not the word


Anivia, Ziggs, Lucian top and Fire, and Jinx have been selected by Dignitas. Froggen was 3-7 in the last ten games versus Anivia before losing to C9. At 5-7 now, Dignitas is in danger of missing the playoffs. DIG’s game plan felt less like a challenge, and more like tossing a towel in to have fun instead, writes Matt Barlow. “While the League of Legends needs a mid laner who may be operational around the globe, I just can’t see it coming back to life,” says Barlow. “It just confirms my doubts to see them fall back on ineffective comfort,” he said. “It felt like a team’s incredibly insensitive pick, which can’t show disrespect.”

Evil Geniuses (5-7) — Fine line between mad and genius


EG is incompatible, and that’s an excellent way to say they ‘re evil. They can range from 1-8 to 4-0-7 on Lee Sin. With one game left against C9, they may be the team that has the best chance randomly. You can be sure they ‘re not afraid of C9 or anything — usually, at least for the time being. Once it comes to playing the game, the team is not on the same page.

Golden Guardians (5-7) — The Closer


Closer, just behind only Blaber, is the second-best jungler in the LCS. He doesn’t just hog all the money. He supports his laners and lets them excel. GG never has that in its entirety. That’s something. Compared to the previous, FBI looks greatly improved in this division and can be a horse leader who goes to summer. If you’re a fan, I believe that, even if the present is soupy, you ‘re incredibly excited about the future, CNN’s Matt Barstow says. “It’s pretty much what teams at this stage expect from a jungler,” he says.

Counter Logic Gaming (2-10) — 200 IQ roster swap


Pobelter ‘s return reinforced this season ‘s key narrative of fans and pundits. While CLG still doesn’t look especially useful, they can compete at least now. It is also a surprise that this CLG has so completely crashed with him, but that is also just the way. These last six games will serve as a bit of a roster test-are their hope, and if not, what else needs to be changed? The IMT loss was a pretty embarrassing showcase of indecision, and it’s pretty clear that this team isn’t right — it’s just not bad anymore.

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