Regional Price Changes and Global Bonus Currency

Price Changes

We’re updating pricing in some regions on September 8th. SMILEYJOE Welcome to our cover of Riot Games’ small but informative article regarding price changes for certain regions, as well as global bonus currency event that will be starting on August 23rd around 1:00 PM PDT (change may take an hour to complete) and will last […]

Teamfight Tactics Patch 11.16 Notes

Little Legends

Welcome back Legends! In today’s quick rundown of Teamfight Tactics Patch 11.16 Notes, we’re going to cover some large changes, new bundles, and Little Legends. Without further ado, let’s get into it! Patch Highlights Sentinel Little Legends  With all the excitement around the Rise of the Sentinels, it’s no wonder a group of Little Legends […]

Patch 11.16 Notes are finally here!

Patch 11.16 Notes

Hello everyone and welcome back to our coverage of the new Patch 11.16 Notes! This took a while due to Riot’s August break, but now we are ready to talk about the recent changes, nerfs, and buffs to champions and items. You can expect a variety of nerfs aimed at all levels of play for […]

I’ll Find a Way – Sentinels of Light event Music Video

I'll Find a Way

“Between madness and devotion, where is the line?“ A couple of hours back Riot posted a new Music Video on their official League of Legends youtube channel called “I’ll Find a Way”, highlighting the struggles of the two couples, trying to reunite and not lose each other again. You can listen to the song on: […]

100 Thieves to start their Academy roster for LCS on Sunday

100 Thieves Academy

100 Thieves Academy will play for tomorrow’s LCS match to give the team extra time to prepare for playoffs. This is also a good opportunity for the Academy team to play on the big stage. The 100 Thieves Academy roster consists of: 100T Tenacity as a toplaner 100T Kenvi as a jungler 100T Ryoma as […]

Sentinels of Light: Steadfast Heart Issue 4 & 5 Released!

Akshan from Issue 5

Greetings, Sentinels! Today we bring you Steadfast Heart Issue 4 & 5, a continuation of Sentinels of Light comic, based around Lucian and Senna’s adventures around the Runeterra, gathering forces, and their dynamic. So let’s dive in and read about their struggles against Ruination! Steadfast Heart Issue 4 Steadfast Heart Issue 4 begins with Lucian […]

/DEV: Vex’s Release Date and More


When’s Vex coming out? Are Prestige skins canon? And how do you say Akshan? Today we’ll be covering the recent /dev: post, where Riot Reav3 (Lead Producer of Champions) and Riot Wilkingham (Sr. Manager Narrative Editing) talk about Vex’s Release Date, Akshan, and Prestige Pantheon. Without further ado, let’s dive in! Vex’s Release Date As […]

7/28 PBE Update: Icon Tweaks, Balance Changes & More!

Coven LB Prestige

As usual, we bring you the list of changes shipped during the 7/28 PBE Update cycle! The update includes Icon Tweaks, Tentative balance changes ( both LoL and TFT), and additional loot assets. Let’s get to them. 7/28 PBE Update Miscellaneous Coven LeBlanc Prestige Edition icon tweaked (changing the lips): More Coven loot assets added: Balance […]

Patch 11.16 Preview is here! (Updated)

Sona Update

We finally got a sneak peek at the upcoming buffs and nerfs to champions and items in Patch 11.16 Preview Posted by Riot Jag! Remember, though, that this patch will be shipped 1 week late prior to the original schedule. This one includes a System nerfs to Dark Seal, buffs to Fleet Footwork keystone, and […]