Fnatic beats G2 Esports in the EU LCS finals

The two most successful teams in EU LCS’s history faced each other for the first time in the EU finals. Fnatic entered the finals after a decisive win of 3-0 over Vitality last weekend, while G2 won 3-1 over Splyce. If G2 had won the series it would have equalized the number of EU trophies. However, Fanatics win brought them their 6th champion title, leaving G2 behind with only 4.

Rekkles, the MVP of the Spring Split
Rekkles, the MVP of the Spring Split, manages to get two PENTAKILLS in the finals

Watching and analyzing the games, it was easy to conclude the massive dominance from the side of Fnatic. Not only that they’ve managed to win 3 to 0 in a Bo5, but they’ve done that with style. Rekkles, the AD carry from the side of Fnatic, got two penta-kills, one official and one unofficial, during the first and second game, cementing his title of MVP of the Split.

G2’s performance was far from their best. They failed to turn their early game leads into late game advantages, they were unable to carry out a single team-fight and they seemed indecisive upon executing their strategies. All in all, their performance was a monumental chaos.

Let us analyze each of the matches.

Match 1

The series started with G2’s early first blood. Wunder and Jankos, caught Bwigo off guard on the top lane and managed to get an easy kill. G2 continued with their pressure and in the 16th minute of the game, a fight broke out at the bot lane, which resulted with three kills in favor of G2. This have set a great basis for G2’s snowballing into the late game, but their inability to properly execute their tactics made them throw the lead. An awful call to take the Baron in the 24th minute, gave them the Baron buff, however at the cost of losing 4 members. This was a turn point for Fnatic. Three more poor teamfights for G2 and the game leaned heavily in favor of Fnatic by the 35th minute. This game was definitely concluded with the unofficial pentakill by Rekkles in near the Red’s side Blue Buff camp.

Match 2

Similar to match one, match two began with an early gank from Jankos on the top lane. This resulted with a kill for G2. However micro-level outplays carried out by Caps, granted him couple of kills and put Fnatic’s mid laner into a great advantage. Even though Fnatic managed to gain a small gold lead by the 20th minute, G2 used a sneaky tactic and grabbed the Baron just as it spawned. This, according to official lolesports statistics, was the fastest Baron of the Spring Split. However, even with this early Baron buff, which lead G2 to destroy three outer and one inner turret, they have once again failed to properly play out the mid and late game. A phenomenal teamfight understanding showed by Fnatic’s side in the 28th minute, gave them an ace, a Baron and an official pentakill for the Split’s MVP – Rekkles.  After this, G2 seemed rather disorientated, and accepted the obvious defeat.

Match 3

The third game was an excellent illustration of the quality difference between both teams. Once again, as in both match 1 and 2, G2 have managed to put one of their lanes ahead. This time, as opposed to the two previous games where the top lane was their main focus, they focused on their bot lane, giving their ADC early first turret gold, as well as a healthy CS advantage over their opponent’s ADC. However, the level of ignorance towards the macro-level of the game, showed by G2, let Fnatic turn this game around really easly. G2’s indecisiveness around the Baron pit, allowed Caps on his Ryze, to heavily push the bot lane. With this push, he got an inhibitor tower, an inhibitor and a nexus tower. This advantage seemed to mentally handicapped G2. Even though they were ahead in kills just before the last teamfight, the advantage that Fnatic gained from their excellent macro-play won them the game. In this final game of the series, Fnatic managed not only to win the match, but to humiliate their opponents by diving in their fountain and acing them, just before they destroyed the Nexus.

What we learned from the EU LCS finals

Despite the dominant victory from Fnatic, it was a fun series to watch. G2’s early leads in each game made it look like it is possible for them to win. However, their poor mid and late game strategies and executions, as well as some micro-plays mistakes showed us how far they are from the top level.

At the end, we now saw how powerful Fnatic are in the European domestic league. With the MSI just behind the corner, we can expect more great performance from their side. Whatever happens, we are hoping  for more thrilling and tied matches in the tournaments to come.

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