The 2018 EU LCS Summer Split final will be played in Madrid, Spain

EU LCS Summer Split Finals

The Palacio Vistalegre stadium in Madrid will host the 2018 EU LCS Finals EU LCS 2018 Summer Split The EU LCS is scheduled to kick off on 15. June. 10 teams will face every other team twice over the course of the season. Matches are played in a Best of 1 format, with each team […]

Mic checks – EU LCS Finals, Spring Split

Mic checks: EU LCS Finals

Mic checks: Fnatic vs G2 and Vitality vs Splyce Last Sunday, Fnatic won the EU LCS Spring Split. In the final series we saw two pentakills from Rekkles, fountain dive, solo outplays and more. And today, LoL Esports gave us the chance to witness these events from the players perspective. Dive into the video below […]

Fnatic are the new EU LCS Spring Split Champions

Fnatic vs G2, EU LCS Spring Split Final 2018

Fnatic beats G2 Esports in the EU LCS finals The two most successful teams in EU LCS’s history faced each other for the first time in the EU finals. Fnatic entered the finals after a decisive win of 3-0 over Vitality last weekend, while G2 won 3-1 over Splyce. If G2 had won the series […]

Froggen has joined xPeke’s Origen


Froggen is now part of Origen Former mid laner of NA’s Echo Fox, Froggen, has joined Origen. The team has posted the information on their twitter profile yesterday evening. F r OG g e n Please welcome Henrik @froggenlol Hansen!! — Astralis (@Astralisgg) April 5, 2018 Is Origen coming back to the EU LCS? […]