The skins hit the store tomorrow.

VALORANT fans got a first look at the new skin collection slated to release tomorrow—and it’s out of this world.

The Nebula Collection is hitting the store tomorrow, which includes a Phantom, Guardian, Ares, Sheriff, and melee weapon. It’s unclear how much the bundle will cost, but the skins don’t have any VFX animations.

Each skin is like a window into another universe, with galactic swirls, stars, and what looks like a black hole decorating the weapon. Since the collection doesn’t include Radianite upgrades, a cool space-themed Finisher isn’t in the stars. But that would make the skins more affordable than the Elderflame, Oni, or Glitchpop skin lines.

The skin was first seen in a patch notes video from VALORANT Korea, which showed the potential cosmetic’s thumbnail.

The video was quickly taken down before being reposted with the thumbnail blurred out. Data miners then quickly found the files, giving fans a first look at the collection.

VALORANT Patch 1.06 is available for download and includes a few changes, such as a nerf to “air shotguns” and a fix for smurf accounts forfeiting in Unrated matches to qualify for Competitive.

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