KlikTech continuing their winning streak

After stomping the play-in stage, KlikTech goes on to show how rough their character truly is. In Day 1 of the Main Event of the European Masters, they faced the German representatives EURONICS Gaming. They not only won the game, but they did it with fashion. Taking 3 early Mountain Drakes and sneaking Baron only couple of seconds after it spawned, they’ve left no chance to the Germans.

Today they took a fully offensive composition consisted of Rakan, Xayah, Taliyah, Kha’Zix and Gankplank. This was unexpected as we’ve seen them last game playing on a full tank roster (excluding the ADC). Even though the game started slow, with first blood going to EURONICS, they weren’t able to resist KlikTech’s constant pressure. We, once again, saw KlikTech’s outstanding coordination and perfect positioning from each member.

Highlights of the match:

This was KlikTech’s 26th game in a row in the competitive scene as they did not experience a lose. However, we should wait till tomorrow when they face the absolute favorite for the European Master’s trophy – Origen. If they finds the means to beat Origen, I don’t see any other team stopping them on their way to winning this tournament.


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