Day 3 of the Main Event of MSI

Top of the table

Flash Wolves with their first win over King-Zone DragonX earlier today have secured their place in the next phase of the tournament. With them constantly performing on level, executing strategies without any meaningful mistakes, they have affirmed themselves as favorites for this year’s MSI trophy. Even though they’ve qualified for the tournament as underdogs, joining the Main Event only after passing the Play-In stage, they have shown that they desire more credits.

King-Zone DragonX, on the other hand, who have initially entered the tournament as undisputed favorites, have failed to show us the supremacy of the Korean region. For years the Koreans teams were thought to be the dictators of the meta of the game, but it seems that that practice is slowly, but surely changing. With their two defeats, one against Fnatic and another one against Flash Wolves, they have yet to show that they deserve to be called the Kings of League of Legends.

Middle of the table

The representatives from the EU LCS alongside the representatives from the LPL currently share the third spot. Similarly to King-Zone DragonX, Royal Never Give Up were expected to show some character in the tournament. However, after the third day of the tournament they seem like a quite an average team. Even though they have beaten Fnatic twice, they’ve managed to lose against the weakest team in MSI – Team Liquid.

Bottom of the table

And at the bottom of the table, we see Team Liquid and EVOS Esports both with only one win and four defeats. EVOS, who came to the Main Event of the MSI together with Flash Wolves, were not able to win a single match in the last two days. Although we saw some creative picks and strategies from their side, like in the last game against Fnatic, when Stark‘s persistent split push on the Camille almost brought his team a win, despite his team being down 10 kills, that is not enough in a tournament such the MSI.

We see a similar story on the side of Team Liquid. Although they have found success today for first time in the tournament, marking a victory against Royal Never Give Up, they will have to try much more than that if they are to proceed in the Knockout stage. However, with only two days and four games left for each team, it is a pretty impossible scenario to imagine them in the next round. Team Liquid, as well as EVOS will have to win every single match in the next two days if they want to grab that fourth spot in the group that leads to the next round.

Results and Highlights of Day 3

Royal Never Give Up ( 0 : 1 ) Team Liquid

EVOS Esports ( 0 : 1 ) Fnatic

King-Zone DragonX ( 0 : 1 ) Flash Wolves

Royal Never Give Up ( 1 : 0 ) Fnatic

Flash Wolves ( 1 : 0 ) EVOS Esports

Team Liquid ( 0 : 1 ) King-Zone DragonX

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