Royal Never Give Up are the 2018 MSI Champions

MSI Finals: Royal Never Give Up vs King-Zone DragonX

Royal Never Give Up takes down King-Zone DragonX for the MSI crown The representatives from the LPL have demonstrated their superb power. In a series that looked like a clash between titans they have managed to win their first big international tournament. King-Zone DragonX, who have replaced the legendary SK Telekom as the representatives from […]

MSI Semifinals: RNG with a clean sweep against Fnatic

MSI Semifinals: Royal Never Give Up vs Fnatic

First semifinal series: Royal Never Give Up (RNG) vs Fnatic (FNC) Royal Never Give Up, once again showed their dominance in the tournament. The LPL representatives, who have entered the tournament as one of the favorites of the title, managed to win 3 clean games against the EU LCS representatives – Fnatic. Watching all three […]

MSI Group Stage: EU > NA and RNG on top of the table

MSI Group Stage: EU > NA

RNG, FW, KZ and FNC proceed to the semifinals First place Royal Never Give Up (RNC), who have struggled during the early stages of the MSI, has successfully came back and won the first spot of the group. With their AD Carry, Uzi, as the team leader, they’ve managed to win all of the last […]

MSI Group Stage: Flash Wolves solidify their spot as front-runners of the MSI

MSI Group Stage: Day 3

Day 3 of the Main Event of MSI Top of the table Flash Wolves with their first win over King-Zone DragonX earlier today have secured their place in the next phase of the tournament. With them constantly performing on level, executing strategies without any meaningful mistakes, they have affirmed themselves as favorites for this year’s […]

MSI Group Stage: Fnatic with a comeback on the second day of the Main Event

Day 1 and Day 2 MSI Group Stage

Team standing after Day 2 First and second spot Flash Wolves, who entered the Main Event after demolishing Gambit Esports in the Play-Ins, finished the second day of the tournament at the top of the table with 4 wins and 0 loses. On the second positions stand the legendary representative from the LCK – King-Zone […]

MSI Knockout Play-Ins: Flash Wolves outclassing UK’s Gambit

Flash Wolves vs Gambit Esports

Flash Wolves vs Gambit Esports The legendary team from Taiwan, Falsh Wolves, showed their outstanding capabilities once again. The Taiwanese, who we have seen in every big World tournament in the past years, managed to shine in their first series of this years MSI. During last year’s MSI, they got to the semi-finals where they […]

MSI Play-Ins Knockouts: EVOS annihilates SuperMassive and proceeds to the Main Event

SuperMassive vs EVOS Esports

EVOS Esports destroys SuperMassive eSports in a Bo5 After showing superb performance during the group stage of the Play-Ins, SuperMassive eSports were put to a stop by the Vietnamese team EVOS Esports. BAUSuperMassive eSports started the MSI with five wins during the group stage. They were by far the most promising team coming from that stage of the competition. However, during today’s […]

MSI Play-Ins Day 3 and 4 Review: SuperMassive and Gambit proceed to the Knockouts

MSI Play-Ins Day 3 and Day 4 Review

Day 3 Gambit eSports proceed to face Flash Wolves in the Play-Ins’ Knockout stage of this years MSI. Gambit eSports managed to mark 2 wins and 1 lose in the third day of the tournament. Even though their performance was far from convincing, especially in their first game against Ascension Gaming, they still pulled themselves together […]

MSI Play-Ins Day 1 and 2 Review: Gambit and SuperMassive go undefeated

MSI Play-Ins Day 1 and Day 2 Review

Day 1 In the Day 1 of the Mid-Season Invitational we were introduced with the capacities of the 4 teams of group A. The UK Team, Gambit eSports, who came in this competition without any expectations, managed to win all 3 games against their opponents. Even though their victories were not so clean, they have […]

League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational (MSI) 2018

Which teams are in the 2018 MSI? Expect for the China’s representative’s, who will be known on April 28th, all of the teams for the 2018 Mid-Season Invitational (MSI) have been locked in. Here is an overview of the teams that will compete in this season’s MSI: Korea (LCK): Kingzone DragonX​ China (LPL): TBD on Saturday […]