Team standing after Day 2

First and second spot

Flash Wolves, who entered the Main Event after demolishing Gambit Esports in the Play-Ins, finished the second day of the tournament at the top of the table with 4 wins and 0 loses.

On the second positions stand the legendary representative from the LCK – King-Zone DragonX, who are the second team from the Korean league, after SKT, to ever participate in the MSI. While they seemed quite strong in the first day of the tournament, winning two games with a solid advantage over┬áTeam Liquid and Royal Never Give Up, they failed to repeat their performance in the game against Fnatic in the second day of the tournament. However, they recovered easily and proceeded to win the next game against EVOS Esports quite decisively. It will not be until tomorrow, when these two leaders – Flash Wolves and King-Zone DragonX, will measure their strengths, fighting for the first spot of the group stage.

Third and fourth spot

Tied on the third and fourth position stand the European representatives, Fnatic and the representatives from the LPL, Royal Never Give Up, both with 2 wins and 2 loses. Their mutual match played on the first day of the tournament favored Royal Never Give Up, despite the numerous leads that Fnatic had throughout the game. Luckily for Fnatic, they will have their chance for revenge tomorrow, when they face each other once again.

Fifth and sixth spot

On the fifth spot are the representatives from the Vietnam region, EVOS Esports. With only a single win against Team Liquid and three loses (Flash Wolves, King-Zone DragonX and Royal Never Give Up), their chances for proceeding to the Knockout stage seem quite slim.

And on the bare bottom of the group stage, lie the winners from the Spring Split of the LCS – Team Liquid. Coming from a region with a vest number of supporters, their losing streak and poor performance was criticized from proffesional analysits, casters, hosts, as well as the fans. For the situation to be even worse, in the last game of the second day of the MSI, they’ve managed to lose by their long-year rivals – the representatives from the EU LCS, Fnatic.

Results and Highlights of Day 1

Fnatic ( 0 : 1 ) Royal Never Give Up

EVOS Esports ( 0 : 1 ) Flash Wolves

King-Zone DragonX ( 1 : 0 ) Team Liquid

Flash Wolves ( 1 : 0 ) Fnatic

Team Liquid ( 0 : 1 ) EVOS Esports

Royal Never Give Up ( 0 : 1 ) King-Zone DragonX

Results and Highlights of Day 2

King-Zone DragonX ( 0 : 1 ) Fnatic

Royal Never Give Up ( 1 : 0 ) EVOS Esports

Team Liquid ( 1 : 0 ) Flash Wolves

EVOS Esports ( 1 : 0 ) King-Zone DragonX

Flash Wolves ( 1 : 0 ) Royal Never Give Up

Team Liquid ( 0 : 1 ) Fnatic

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