RNG, FW, KZ and FNC proceed to the semifinals

First place

Royal Never Give Up (RNC), who have struggled during the early stages of the MSI, has successfully came back and won the first spot of the group. With their AD Carry, Uzi, as the team leader, they’ve managed to win all of the last 6 matches and secure that first place. This let them to choose their opponent for the knockout phase. After the tiebreakers were played and the fourth and final semifinalist was known, they have chosen Fnatic as their semifinal opponents. As they’ve marked two wins against Fnatic during the group stage, they are thought to be the absolute favorite in this next stage of the tournament.

Second place

On the second place we have Flash Wolves, who even though shined during the first days of the tournament, going on a 6 games winning streak, have failed to show continuity in their performance and thus lost the momentum, throw couple of games and missed the first sport of the group. As they were tied with Royal Never Give Up after the final game of the regular part of the group stage, they played an additional tiebreaker against them, but went to be unsuccessful. However, with their early successes they lie secured in that second spot that leads to the semifinals.

Third place

King-Zone DragonX, the representatives of the Korean region, prior to the tournament were thought to be the biggest challenger for the title. However, they have also failed to execute their strategies perfectly and finished the group stage only on that third place. As Royal Never Give Up chose Fnatic as their opponent for the semifinal matches, Flash Wolves were then left for King-Zone DragonX. So, it will be down to this final Bo5 series for King-Zone and Flash Wolves to see who is more worthy to participate in the finals of this year’s MSI.

Fourth place

At the fourth and final spot that leads to the semifinals lies Fnatic. Even though we saw some excellent performance from their side, especially Caps, who showed that he can be the play-maker and the carry of the team, they have failed to sustain the pressure until the end of the group stage. They have lost the 3 last games of the regular part of the group stage and it was only because of their solid performance in the tiebreaker match against Team Liquid that allowed them to proceed to the next round. What is most important after that game, especially to their fans is that they have proved once again that the European Region is better than the US Region, at least for a single level.

However, they will have to put themselves together for the upcoming match against Royal Never Give Up if they want to have even slight chances to proceed into the finals of the MSI.

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Results and Highlights of Day 4

King-Zone Dragon X ( 0 : 1 ) Royal Never Give Up

Fnatic ( 1 : 0 ) Flash Wolves

EVOS Esports ( 0 : 1 ) Team Liquid

Royal Never Give Up ( 1 : 0 ) Flash Wolves

King-Zone Dragon X ( 1 : 0 ) EVOS Esports

Team Liquid ( 1 : 0 ) Fnatic

Results and Highlights of Day 5

Fnatic ( 0 : 1 ) King-Zone DragonX

EVOS Esports ( 0 : 1 ) Royal Never Give Up

Flash Wolves ( 0 : 1 ) Team Liquid

Fnatic ( 0 : 1 ) EVOS Esports

Flash Wolves ( 1 : 0 ) King-Zone DragonX

Team Liquid ( 0 : 1 ) Royal Never Give Up


Flash Wolves ( 0 : 1 ) Royal Never Give Up

Fnatic ( 1 : 0 ) Team Liquid


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