Flash Wolves vs Gambit Esports

The legendary team from Taiwan, Falsh Wolves, showed their outstanding capabilities once again. The Taiwanese, who we have seen in every big World tournament in the past years, managed to shine in their first series of this years MSI. During last year’s MSI, they got to the semi-finals where they were thrown out by SK Telekom. This year, with SKT out of the picture, they are looking to show the world from how strong of a region they are coming from.

In the second, and last series of the Play-Ins Knockout stage, they have faced Gambit EsportsGambit Esports, who came from the group stage of the Play-Ins as a really strong team, did not stand a chance in any of the three games against Flash Wolves. Even though they looked promising earlier in the competition, they have failed to continue with the success. Outclassed in every role in each phase of every of the three games of this series, it was quite sad to see the UK boys struggling to play the game.

The MVP of the series, was without doubt, the unbelievable support for Flash Wolves, SwordArt. His roams and presence in every part of the Rift made their opponents feel outnumbered in every situation in the game. SwordArt‘s Alistar was something we should really look forward to see again in the MSI.

Highlights of the series

First Game

Second Game

Third Game

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