Day 3

Gambit eSports¬†proceed to face Flash Wolves in the Play-Ins’ Knockout stage of this years MSI. Gambit eSports managed to mark 2 wins and 1 lose in the third day of the tournament. Even though their performance was far from convincing, especially in their first game against Ascension Gaming, they still pulled themselves together and gathered the strengths to win over the following two games against the favorites of the group – Rainbow 7 and Kaos Latin Gaming. With their success in the groups stage of the Play-Ins they have won the spot in the Knockout stage of the Play-Ins, which will be on Wednesday (09.05) against Flash Wolves in a Bo5 series. If they somehow win, they will successfully qualify for the Main Event of the MSI.

Group A Results

Ascension Gaming ( 1 : 0 ) Gambit eSports

Kaos Latin Gaming ( 0 : 1 ) Rainbow 7

Ascension Gaming ( 0 : 1 ) Rainbow 7

Kaos Latin Gaming ( 0 : 1 ) Gambit eSports

Gambit eSports ( 1 : 0 ) Rainbow 7

Ascension Gaming ( 1 : 0 ) Kaos Latin Gaming


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Highlighs of Day 3 of MSI

Day 4

We saw some really fun games in the Group B of the Play-In group stage in the MSI. With SuperMassive eSports winning their spot in the Knockout stage early in Day 4, they had the opportunity to play for fun in their last game against KaBuM! e-Sports. And fun they did have! With a composition made of two junglers (Lee Sin and Kai’Sa), three AD carries (Lucian, Ezrael and Kai’Sa) as well as Irelia on the mid lane, they showed some solo queue clown fiestas on the Rift. Their opponents were everything but short from the same solo queue mentality. They took Rammus on the top lane, Yasuo on the mid lane and Draven as their AD carry. Rammus, as the MVP of the match, showed his strengths against a team composition made out of 5 auto attackers.

And even though we had some outstanding fun watching these games in the last games of the group stage, SuperMassive eSports nevertheless made performances that promise some greater achievemnts further in the competition. If they successfully pass EVOS Esports in a Bo5 series this Tuesday (08.05), they will then proceed in the Main Event of the MSI.

Group B Results

PENTAGRAM ( 0 : 1 ) SuperMassive eSports

Dire Wolves ( 0 : 1 ) KaBuM! e-Sports

PENTAGRAM ( 0 : 1 ) KaBuM! e-Sports

Dire Wolves ( 0 : 1 ) SuperMassive eSports

SuperMassive eSports ( 0 : 1 ) KaBuM! e-Sports

PENTAGRAM ( 1 : 0 ) Dire Wolves


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Highlights of Day 4 of MSI

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