European Masters Final

Last night was the last night of the first European Masters competition. The fresh roster of the Spanish team Origen managed to decisively win over Illuminar Gaming. In a Bo5  series, Origen won 3 to 0, making it a clean sweep. This result was not something unexpected, as Illuminar Gaming were not supposed to get this far into the  tournament.

Illuminar Gaming’s road to the finals

Illuminar Gaming went into the  final series similarly as to the quarter and semi finals – as underdogs. They barely passed the group stage, ending as third, with a final group result of 1 win and 2 loses. However, during the knockout stages of the tournament, they showed character and performance that their opponents did not have an answer to.

Origen’s road to the finals

Origen’s start in the European Masters  was not shiny.  In their first game in the group stage they lost against KlikTech, who were later thrown out by MAD Lions E.C. However, it turned out it Origen only needed time for their players to get used to playing  with each other. All of Origen‘s players arrived in the team early in April. Even though they had League of Legends stars in  their roster, many expected that their lack of training will prevent them to succeed in the European Masters. And while their uncoordination was visible during the early stages of the tournament, they found a way to get back on track and become the champions.

You can see the highlights of the finals below.

First Game

Second Game

Third Game

The European Masters Semifinals

A day prior to the finals we saw two series of Bo3 – one between Origen and MAD Lions E.C. and another one GamersOrigin and Illuminar Gaming. While both MAD Lions and GamersOrigin were considers for main candidates for the title, they both failed to proceed to the EU Masters Finals. Illuminar Gaming, with some outstanding macro and micro plays, won over GamersOrigin with a clean sweep of 2 to 0. Origen, on  the other hand, won thanks to the mistakes made by their opponents. MAD Lions, who have not lost a single match during until this stage of the tournament, underestimated Origen‘s players skills, and by making micro mistakes they’ve lost crucial teamfights. You can see the highlights of the  semifinal matches below.

MAD Lions E.C. ( 1 – 2  ) Origen

First game

Second game

Third game

Illuminar Gaming ( 2 : 0 ) GamersOrigin

First game

Second game

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