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European Masters Quarterfinals

It’s the first night of the European Masters’ quarterfinals and we saw some thrilling games.

Origen, with its legendary player roster, managed to grab the win against Ninjas in Pyjamas. In a Bo5 series, they won 2 to 1. They finished the series with style, with InSec doing his famous Lee Sin “InSec” move. Even though Ninjas in Pyjamas looked promising in the second game of the series, they did not manage to find a way to pass the Spanish team.

In the second encounter of the quarterfinals between KlikTech and MAD Lions E.C., we didn’t saw the deep understanding we were used to see from the side of the Balkan boys. In their first game of this series, they looked confused, indecisive and absent. By controlling the map, even without any lane pressure, MAD Lions sneaked a Baron early in the game, that usually is not let to happen in the professional scene.

The second game of the series was closest you can get to tragedy. KlikTech’s toplaner – Sacre, who showed some brilliant performance throughout the competition, made some crucial mistakes in this final match. First, he got caught in the 4th minute of the game. Then he gave two solo kills to his top lane opponent, making him 0/3/0 by the 8th minute. And even though at one point it looked like KlikTech was getting back into the game, that was not the case. Like the casters said – the final match looked like a game of Tower Defence. And you know that you do not win Tower Defence, you just prolong your defeat. At the end, exactly that happened. KlikTech showed teeth, but it was all over when MAD Lions aced them in the 39th minute.

The aftermaths

With the wins from Origin‘s and MAD Lion‘s sides, they will face each other in the semifinal series next Saturday. The matches that will take place tomorrow will determine the last two spots in the semifinal. The winner from the match between GamersOrigin and ExceL eSports will face the winner from the series between Millenium vs Illuminar Gaming.

Scroll down to the end of this post to see the results and highlights of the previous matches of the European Masters.

Origen ( 2 : 1 ) Ninjas in Pyjamas

First game

Second game

Third game

KlikTech ( 0 : 2 ) MAD Lions E.C.

First game

Second game

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