The recent information surrounding CLG work culture and decision-making put the organization on a lot of heat for the past couple of weeks. Today’s post on the League of Legends subreddit, with tweets from CLG midlaner Pobelter, has brought an absurd amount of criticism towards the organization.

“That was painful to watch, I know for sure the players on CLG are way better than that. I think the team environment became WAY too negative and doomed, super super high pressure and I don’t think anyone can succeed or play with confidence under those circumstances”

“the morning before the last match I played for CLG, I broke down crying in front of my coach because I just felt increasingly sheer misery over the past few weeks. It just felt like nothing at all was going right. I had never felt that way in 7+ years as an LCS pro”

Many media outlets and criticism are pointed towards absolutely inappropriate team management and lack of knowledge and proper decision-making in the coaching department. There’s been a lot of recent news putting CLG in the worst of lights.

Headcoach for G2 Fabian ‘GrabbZ’ Lohmann petitioned to absolve the CLG roster from the current year’s performance.

We have yet to see how CLG will respond to the criticism and its culture’s toxicity. In the meantime, we wish CLG players all the best and hope they will not be seriously affected by the org’s inability to properly manage the team. WildTurtle, Pobelter, Broxah, Smoothie, and Finn have all been good talents and their reputation should not be tainted by the poor management.

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