Introducing “Power Picks and Meta Tricks”, new educational series on LoLNews

Starting this week, we’ll be introducing a new educational and informative series concerned with the current meta of League of Legends. The Power Picks and Meta Tricks series will promote one or two posts each week, depending on available material. The two main goals of the content of the posts will be helping players with climbing the rank ladder and informing them on current unorthodox techniques that may not be that efficient, but are nevertheless fun for normal games.

Each Episode will contain one main topic and couple of marginal ones.

The main topic will be one of the following:

The analysis and guides of the meta will be based on many sources – from Challenger player stats and builds from, analysis of the champion information on, all the way to Youtube and Twitch streamers tips and informative posts on Reddit. This goes without saying that every post will reference the original author of the content as long as there is one.

So, without further ado, let’s start with Episode 1.

Episode 1: Unleash the Power of the Minimap

One of the first things you learn when you start playing League of Legends is that each game is set on a certain map.  Each map has it’s own minimap that is, by default, located on the bottom right corner of the player’s screen. Now, even though everyone who’s played the game knows how to use the minimap, not everyone unlocks it’s highest potential. In this article, I will focus on the most important aspect of the minimap – its size. By the original settings of the game, the minimap is not that big. Here is a picture of the minimap on 100% in the Video tab in the Settings window:

Original Minimap with 100 in the Video tab in the Settings
The original minimap with 100 in the Video tab in the Settings window

In each phase of the game, you are engaged with something important that does not let you focus at the minimap for more than a split second.  And as you can see from the picture above, this minimap is not big enough for you to pay detailed attention each time you throw a glance at it. Luckily for all of us, there is a way that we can make it much bigger, which will help us gain more information each time we glance at the minimap. First of all, I want you to see the final appearance of the minimap:

Minimap, 2.5 times bigger than the original
The minimap, 2.5 times bigger than the original

The minimap in the picture above is 2.5 times bigger than the original map at 100% in the settings window. So let’s see how to do it. First of all, you need to find the PersistedSettings file in the League of Legends folder, which is usually located in C:/Riot Games/League of Legends/Config.

Minimap Folder

Open this file with Notepad. When you open it, it should look like this:

PersistedSettings Notepad

Next, you need to find the bracket that contains the following line: “name”: “MinimapScale”, as shown in the picture below. This is the code that controls the size of your minimap and by default it is capped at 1.0000.


In order to enlarge the minimap, you need to change the “value” setting to something bigger. For example, you can change it from “value”: “1.0000” to “value”: “2.0000” and you will have a twice bigger map than you had before. In my personal experience I find that changing the minimap to 2.5000 is what works best for me. You can see this change for a twice bigger minimap in the following picture:

Finally, when you start the game again, you will see that the minimap size has changed. I should note that you do not have to exit the client for the change to take place. Also, if you do not want the game the overwrite the changes each time you start a new game, you need to do the following. First, make the changes to the size of the map, save the file and close it. Then, right-click the PersistedSettings file and click Properties. In the bottom corner you will see a Read-only box that is not ticked. Tick it, click apply and exit. Now you are all set!


An important thing to remember is that you do not test this directly in a ranked game. Try it out first in the training mode and see how it works out. If it is good for you, great, if not, change it until you find your perfect size.

One final thing to add is that when Riot staff was asked about this long time ago, they have stated that this is not illegal and it is not considered cheating, as long as it does not include third-party software. Here is their statement:

Finally, you can see a whole video tutorial on this made by KingStix, here:

That is all for the first episode of Power Picks and Meta Trics on LolNews. If you have any comments, suggestions or want us to cover a certain topic, just drop a comment bellow.

Until next time, good luck on the Rift!






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