Great news everyone! It is time to get ready and excited for the next round of Red Bull Solo Q with the 2nd National Open Qualifiers! On July 25th, the 1v1 League of Legends tournament will test amateur players in North America against one another to crown a winner, with the ultimate victor earning their chance to compete at the global Red Bull Solo Q tournament later this year.

If you are willing to join and test your skills, read the article below to view details about the tournament or visit the Red bull page directly at:

About the Red Bull Solo Q tournament

The ultimate League of Legends experience, Red Bull Solo Q is hosting the second National Open Qualifiers this weekend. You can expect Prizes, community pride, and the highly-coveted Red Bull SoloQ trophy that awaits the victor who will rise up from the competition!

Where to register

Amateur players can register online at:

When will the tournament take place

The National Open Qualifiers #2 will take place on Sunday, July 25th at 12:00 P.M PT.

Red Bull Solo Q allows fans to make their mark by bringing LoL players to new heights! In a world where LoL is traditionally played in a 5v5 team setting, the event will settle the score and showcase individual skill with a 1v1 gameplay format. Amateurs face-off in the top lane of Summoner’s Rift and can claim victory by drawing ‘First Blood’ against opponents, destroying the opposing player’s outer turret, or achieving a 100-minion creep score first.

The grand event will build on last year’s success, which attracted over 80,000 signups and national and international champions crowned around the world. Alongside the competition will be special appearances from some of the biggest stars in League of Legends, including Alberto “Crumbz” Rengifo, Nicki Taylor, BunnyFuFuu, and Eefje “Sjokz” Depoortere, the global brand ambassador for Red Bull SoloQ 2021. These personalities will be part of exclusive Red Bull SoloQ content, events, and tournaments throughout the series this year.

The Red Bull Solo Q Tournament Structure

There are three stages of the Red Bull Solo Q tournament: National Qualifiers and Finals, Regional Finals, and World Finals. In parallel to this, International Online Qualifiers will be held leading into the World Finals as well.

National Qualifiers started in selected countries in April and have continued to roll out throughout the year. In November and December, players would have competed in the Regional Finals and World Finals, but, the global pandemic prevents the hosting of events that would reach the quality standards the national champions deserve.

Rewards for the winners

Players who win the National Finals will represent their country at the World Finals. All winners will also receive unique player rewards. Moreover, the overall winner will get a chance to experience the 2021 League of Legends All-Star Event firsthand and compete alongside pro players and community icons on the world stage.

For more information on Red Bull SoloQ, please visit:

In the meantime, consider getting up to date with the meta via recent Patch notes!

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