Royal Never Give Up takes down King-Zone DragonX for the MSI crown

The representatives from the LPL have demonstrated their superb power. In a series that looked like a clash between titans they have managed to win their first big international tournament. King-Zone DragonX, who have replaced the legendary SK Telekom as the representatives from the Korean region, were not up to the challenge when it came to replacing SKT as the best team in the world.

While everyone expected the Korean team to go on a clean sweep, or at least win the tournament decisively, they have failed once again in the finals as they did during the group stage of the MSI. Khan, the top laner for the Koreans, who had already promised that every top laner in the world will bow to him and who was expected to be the strongest pillar for the team, has let his team down. His performance, which was far from excellent, contributed to his team’s demise. Additionally, the members of KZ did not feel the motivation to win the series as well.

On the other hand, we saw Uzi, the AD Carry of Royal Never Give Up affirm his position as the best ADC in the world. His performance, especially in the last game of the series, was extraordinary. His performance on the Kai’Sa could easily be treated as the best ADC performance in League’s history.

With this victory, RNG has become the second Chinese and third team in the world to have won the MSI title. The previous winners of MSI, in a period of absolute reign of three years, were SK Telekom. However, with their Spring Split poor performance they have not qualified for this year’s tournament.

First Game

Second Game

Third Game

Fourth Game

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