Greetings, Sentinels! Today we bring you Steadfast Heart Issue 4 & 5, a continuation of Sentinels of Light comic, based around Lucian and Senna’s adventures around the Runeterra, gathering forces, and their dynamic. So let’s dive in and read about their struggles against Ruination!

Steadfast Heart Issue 4

Steadfast Heart Issue 4 begins with Lucian and Senna alongside the new Sentinels they’ve enlisted along the way: Vayne, Irelia, and Riven. The couple gets into an argument, with Lucian holding back and saying that in order to beat the Ruined King, they need more numbers than a measly five people. But Senna thinks that they need to take the fight to the Ruined King this time because they don’t have much time to prepare. Lucian, still weighed down by the trauma of losing Senna once, hesitates. But she persists, telling him that he needs to be ready, even if it can cost their lives.

This is bigger than us. Bigger than anything. And time is not on our side. You know what happens if we fail – we can’t allow that to happen.

Steadfast Heart Issue 4

The comic then takes us to Noxus, with the three of them sitting in prison, captured by the Empire. There they meet with Riven, who comes up with a plan of escaping. With help from both sides, they make their exit, and Riven agrees to join the Sentinels shortly after.

After this, they travel to the Sentinels Bastion in Ionia, the First Lands. Upon inspecting the abandoned Bastion, they stumble upon Irelia, who threatens Riven, saying that Ionia and her people will never forgive her, the butcher. But Senna begs Irelia for help in defeating the darkness, and she agrees, seeing that this fight is not meant for her alone. However, Irelia remembers what pain Riven caused to the inhabitants of Ionia, so we can expect some dynamic between the two after the end of the event.

The comic ends with Lucian, gazing over the vast sea and the newly recruited Sentinels training on the beach. Thinking about the consequences of their failure, he reassures himself that they’re not ready. Not yet.

Steadfast Heart Issue 5

The next chapter begins with Viego, sitting on his throne with Thresh by his side. Viego is still mad at him for losing one of the last pieces of Isolde’s soul, keeping him close only for the use he can provide in the future. We also get to know that somehow Thresh brought Viego back to life.

In the meantime, Lucian has lost all sleep, unable to bear the thought of losing Senna again. Researching everything left in the current Sentinels Headquarters, he stumbles upon some type of manuscript, talking about a Lost Sentinel, and a weapon, that can bring back to life.

He ventures to Shurima alone in hopes of finding help. When inspecting the abandoned Shuriman bastion, he meets Akshan. He tells him that the Lost Sentinel, his teacher Shadya is dead. But not for long, because he is determined to bring her back to life. The weapon he yields, the absolver, can bring a victim back to life if the killer is slain by it.

In short, Akshan at first refuses Lucian’s call and leaves him to resurrect Shadya. Shortly after, Viego confronts Lucian and offers them a chance to live if Senna willingly gives the piece of Isolde’s soul. Lucian refuses, and Viego sends his mist spawns to finish him.

Lucian is overwhelmed and succumbs to his wounds. But Akshan comes to the rescue, bringing him back to life with the Absolver. For some reason, it didn’t work on Shadya, even though he settled the score with the warlord. Lucian tells him that if she’s truly gone, then the best he can do is honor her, and live the life she would’ve wanted him to live. Akshan agrees and the comic ends with them sitting, looking on a full moon, while Lucian finally musters up the courage to take the fight to the Ruined King. Now they are ready.

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Issue 4

Issue 5

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