The next League of Legends champion, Vex, the Gloomy Mage has been confirmed with the Sentinels of Light event leaks. Previously thought to be called “Norra”, Vex will be the latest League of Legends character to debut in Season 11.

With the ruination event in full swing right now, we have basically a confirmation of the new champion being a depressed Yordle called Vex. We can say this for sure since Riot Games promised that everything regarding events, champions, and updates would be related to the Sentinels of Light event.

Viego and Vex

Very cute art done by Khryke.

Here’s everything we know about the newest champion.

Who is Vex?

Little is known specifically about Vex at the moment.

But one thing is certain: Vex is playing a key part in the ruination event, amplifying Viego’s powers to an absurd degree. She is the reason that Viego is able to cause global ruination, helping him with his mission, because she fancies him.

Vex is constantly accompanied by a shadowy monster on her side. He mimics her emotions or facial expressions as shown in the event storyline.

The gloomy mage is depressed and annoyed by hyperactivity and all the happiness in the world, so that alone might be a big part of the reason why she is helping Viego in reaching his goal.

Vex’s abilities

The depressed Yordle was scheduled to release before Akshan, but the team decided that the mage needed more time in development as they needed to create some new tech to visually sell her source of power. Also, as the development of her kit progressed, Vex became a classic mage instead of the artillery archetype like Zoe.

She is annoyed with hyperactive champions “dashing all around her”, so we can expect her to have some sort of anti-dashing ability or something that reduces the mobility of champions akin to Cassiopeia’s W.

Even with the delay, Vex still has a big part to play in Viego’s story, so we can expect her to cast a shadow across Runeterra in a few months.

In the meantime, catch up with the event lore by reading the last chapter of Steadfast Heart.

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