When’s Vex coming out? Are Prestige skins canon? And how do you say Akshan?

Today we’ll be covering the recent /dev: post, where Riot Reav3 (Lead Producer of Champions) and Riot Wilkingham (Sr. Manager Narrative Editing) talk about Vex’s Release Date, Akshan, and Prestige Pantheon. Without further ado, let’s dive in!

Vex’s Release Date

As long as everything goes as planned, Vex should be coming out in September. The team is currently working on getting her shadow just right in the game, which is why she’ll be released a bit after the Sentinels of Light event.

In case you missed it, Vex is part of the Rise of the Sentinels story that can be played through the game client.

Are prestige skins canon?

Prestige skins are not canon. They’re “what-if” executions that try to answer the question: What might be the biggest victory look like for this champion in this thematic?

All the Prestige skins do this, but it’s an especially topical question for Pantheon since the Sentinels of Light event is based in the Runeterra canon. For Prestige Pantheon, we get to see Atreus stand victorious over Ruined Pantheon and become even more powerful. Riot Wilkingham says that kind of self-actualization is a big part of what makes Atreus feel strong, and that’s the kind of space Prestige skins gets to explore.

How do you pronounce Akshan?

Akshan is pronounced /ɞkʃən/. The first vowel is not often heard in US English, but is common around the world. The sound is more open than the /ə/ sound, but more centered in the mouth than the /ɐ/ sound. If you’re still not sure how to pronounce it, please check the full article done by Riot, it includes a sound clip and a more in-depth explanation. Phonetics isn’t our calling, so we’re going to leave it to the pros.

And that’s it! We hope you enjoy our short versions of the articles, focused only on the necessary information.

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