Best Jungle Champions Tier List: Use these For Free Elo Junglers

Some League of Legends champions is simply way better than others.

For junglers when deciding which champions are better there are several considerations. The most critical and most obvious thing to look at is if the champion will be good at winking and either scoring kills or assisting their teammates in doing so. There, however, is where things get complicated behind the scenes.

Reasonable speed, invasion pressure and macro versatility are all factors which need to evaluates in order to keep up with the enemy jungler. The strongest jungle champions are the ones who can do anything. Depending on a variety of factors this list of top-tier champions could change.

Here are best jungle champions Tier List for League’s Patch 10.15:

Occasionally the meta changes for no obvious cause other than the preferences of the players, but typically there is some sort of modification of the balance, small or big, that is behind the sudden change. Checking up on the flavour-of-the-month champs can be hard so let’s do it for you.



Karthus is one of the strongest power junglers capable of complementing a complete AD composition. It is largely due to his kit ‘s utility, as well as his sluggish, global ultimate.  Karthus is a power farmer with hardly any cooldown on Q, making simple jungle quickly. But he’s very hungry for mana and is struggling with early ganks. He’s highly contest in high elo due to his ability to turn fights around with his ultimate.

Item build:

For Karthus the Tree of Domination is essential. It grants access to additional damage from the Dark Harvest, Cheap Shot, and Eyeball Set, which synergizes incredibly well with the ultimate of Karthus, along with extra Ravenous Hunter sustain to make your clearer safer.

The secondary precision is perfect on Karthus as Coup de Grace increases your ultimate damage directly to low health targets and Presence of Mind increases your mana limit so you can use E more often.

Ability priority:

The priority of Karthus’ capacity is R > Q > W > E. Your Q is your main weapon for destroying both the jungle and the team fights. Learn how to aim with it to maximize damage output on a single target to be able to zone out the important carries of a team fight.  Since its width increases with stage, Max W second. While the damage from E is decent, the slow usefulness is much more valuable and will make it much easier for you to get into range or escape.



Volibear is the game’s youngest rework champion. To put him into line with other recent releases such as Sett, Aphelios, and Senna, he provided both visual and package updates. For the Volibear, the first few days were tough, as he struggled to succeed in any field. Yet, within 48 hours, the hotfixes he receive him back into action. Now he is a dominant selection in both the top and jungle lanes.

Item build:

Volibear ‘s main tree is Precision as it gives him everything he needs to excell in dueling other champions. Pressing the Attack is the keystone you can take as proc is the simplest keystone and it does a lot of damage in a short time.
Other notable runes supporting Volibear to be his team’s thunder bear are Triumph, Legend: Tenacity, and Last Stand to improve your damage if you’re low in health.

Ability priority

Ability Priority for Volibear is R > W > Q > E. Maxing W lets you easily farm or duel anybody during the later stages of the game. Max Q second for getting you mobile. E is third, since its utility is much lower than Q or W.



Elise, alongside Karthus, is one of the most famous AP junglers who fills in a different niche. Although Karthus is looking to power the jungle farms and hit things and stages, Elise can kill enemies from level three, where she gets access to three abilities in human form and three abilities in spider form.

The ability to become untargetable makes early dives on adversaries with low health while reducing the chance of dying to a tower.

Item build:

Elise uses the Tree of Domination. This provides access to additional damage from the set of Electrocute, Cheap Shot and Eyeball, which synergizes incredibly well with the burst damage caused by Elise. Relentless Hunter makes you mobile and helps you to navigate the map much more quickly.

The Secondary Sorcery synergizes well with Elise’s offensive play style. Nimbus Cloak lets you close the gap with your enemies faster by using smite on them and Waterwalking lets you run across the river faster and contest Scuttle Crab early.

Ability priority:

Priority in Elise ‘s capacity is R > Q > W > E. Your Q is your primary tool which damages directly. This serves as a good initiation to deal with full percent health damage when gaining and functions as an execution when you go into spider form.

With the additional burst damage, W is maxed second while E is maxed last because the additional damage works better than the lower cooldown on your CC. The best sort of CC is death



Nunu is one of the game’s best junglers at counter. His strength comes from his kit’s agility enabling him to be very fast around the map without you knowing combine with his Q, which handles crazy amounts of damage to jungle minions.

Though away from the meta, the recent buffs off-building his AP alongside the nerves of other famous junglers brought him back into the game. There are several feasible sites for rune on Nunu. The most famous of these is primary Sorcery combine with secondary Precision.

This gives you access to the Phase Rush keystone along with three ordinary runes all of which increase your speed of movement. This helps you to ‘teleport’ for unexpected ganks or get away unscathed in the blink of an eye from the top lane down to the bottom lane.

Secondary precision is taken to boost your clearness and get back some safety during those early dives that you’ll do to snowball your laners.

Ability priority:

Monster damage, more rarely. This helps you to walk straight into the enemy jungler and grab his camps under his nose, and gain a big lead as he falls back. For the usefulness and damage done, E is maxed to second. It helps you to handle the lethal blow during your ganks, while W is last maxed as it is the least valuable basic skill that needs to be ranked in your pack.

These are our Best Jungle Champions Tier List in league of legends in 2020. If you have then please mention them in comments. We are happy to add them in out list.

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