Which teams go to the knock-out stage?

The just finished match between MAD Lions EC and Ninjas in Pyjamas concluded the group stage of the European Masters. While all the matches were played, we still do not know all the teams that go straight to the quarterfinals and the ones that have to pass the additional knock-out stage. Before we focus on the tiebreakers, let’s briefly cover all of the groups.

Results and highlights of the Group Stage matches:

Day 1      |      Day 2      |      Day 3      |      Day 4


GamersOrigin are the front-runner of Group A, with 3 wins and 0 loses. As group winners they proceed directly to the quarterfinal match.  Penguins took the second place with 2 wins and 1 lose, while Illuminar gaming is going to the next phase with only a single win and two loses. On the last position, without a single win, stands Ad Hoc Gaming whose journey in the tournament ends here.


We can see a similar situation in Group B. Millenium are the winner of the group with a clean streak of 3 wins. Misfits Academy and Team Atlantis secured their knock-out stages spots as the second and third runners in the group, respectively. Team Win and Rain, who is in last place and with 3 loses, will have to leave the tournament.


With today’s surprising win by ExceL eSports over KlikTech things got complicated in the group C. Currently, each team of the group, except for Euronics Gaming, has 2 wins and 1 lose. Thus, the three teams – Origen, KlikTech and Excel eSports will all play tiebreak matches. The winner of the group will go straight to the quarterfinals, while the other two teams will have to play an additional knock-out stage against second and third placed teams from Groups A, B and D. Euronics Gaming, losing all three matches in the group, will finish the tournament.


We have a really interesting situation going on in Group D. On one hand, MAD Lions EC is the only team, with 3 wins, that has secured it’s spot in the next stage of the competition. The rest of the teams, Ninjas in Pyjamas, MoviStar Rider and SPGeSports, each with 1 win and 2 loses will play tiebreak matches to see who goes to the knockout-stage and who leaves the tournament.

Tiebreakers and knockout stage

The tiebreakers matches will be played tomorrow (April 18) at 6 CEST.

A total of six matches will be played between the teams of Group C and Group D.

In Group C, Origen, KlikTech and ExceL Gaming will compete between each other for the spot that leads directly to the quarterfinals.

In Group D, however, Ninjas in Pyjamas, MoviStar Rider and SPGeSports will fight for two positions in the next stage of the European Masters, while one of them will have to leave the competition.

The knock-out stage matches will be Bo3 series and will be played on Thursday and Friday (April 19 and 20).

The known teams that will play in the knockout stage are:

  1. Misfits Academy
  2. Team Atlantis
  3. Penguins
  4. Illuminar Gaming

Four out of the following teams, depending on tiebreaker results will also join them in the knockout stage:

  1. KlikTech
  2. Origen
  3. ExceL eSports
  4. Ninjas In Pyjamas
  5. MoviStar Riders
  6. SPGeSports

The quarterfinals matches will be a Bo3 series and will be played on Saturday and Sunday (April 21 and 22).

Currently known quarter-finalists are:

  1. GamersOrigin
  2. Millenium
  3. MAD Lions EC

The tiebreakers and the additional knockout stage will determine the rest of the quarter-finalists.

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