European Masters Day 3

The third day of the group stage of the European Masters has come to an end. Some of the teams had finished all of their matches in the group stage. This gave us information on some teams that proceeded in the next phase, that went directly to the quarterfinals and that left the tournament. The teams headed in the next round are Misfits Аcademy and Team Atlantis. Gamers Origin and Millenium, on the other hand, continue directly to the quarterfinals. And last, Wind and Rain, is the first game that has fallen out of the competition.

Results and highlights of previous days:

Day 1      |      Day 2

Results and highlights of day 3:

ExceL eSports vs Origen ( 0 : 1 )

Millenium vs Team Atlantis ( 0 : 1 )

Misfits Academy vs Wind and Rain ( 1 : 0 )

Gamers Origin vs Ad Hoc Gaming ( 1 : 0 )

SPGeSports vs Ninjas in Pyjamas ( 1 : 0 )

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